American Dream Earrings

I usually don’t post holiday-related tutorials, but I had all these components laying around and couldn’t resist. My American Dream earrings were made to look like shooting stars, so very fitting for the Fourth of July. I used all Cousin Corporation materials, which you can pick up at any major craft store: Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, … Continue Reading

firecracker daisy earrings +diy

A bright pop of color! These super cute Firecracker Daisy earrings only take a simple technique to create dazzling bead-woven beauties! These earrings are a little longer, but if you want to stick with just the top flower that’s ok too! I’ve chosen to mix a hodgepodge of colors here to give it that twinkling … Continue Reading

lucky lantern earrings

Taking notes from my new Chinese calligraphy book, these well-balanced, lucky golden earrings are a great accessory to add chicness to any outfit. What makes the design are these cool golden hematite beads from Pandahall– I love the slightly faceted look and the liquid metal shine. Offset by more earthy, faceted turquoise beads, the gold … Continue Reading