While life is slowly returning to normal, there are hopeful glimmers with trends to look forward to. Like any other industry, the beauty segment has been negatively hit by the pandemic. With less people out shopping, some were forced to ditch lipsticks and foundations, while others fell in love with their natural selves. The first and most notable trend has been minimalism, with most people reverting to less makeup. Some have dived headfirst into statement trends for fun, with bold fashion ideas to break the monotony. These changes have defined the beauty and fashion industry. Below are the top beauty and accessory trends you should try before the year ends!

Claw Clips

Clips have been a beauty statement for a long, ranging from butterfly designs to barrettes and pearl-encrusted clips. 2021 has seen a slight change, with claw clips trending thanks to top celebrities like Kendall Jenner. Claw clips offer the perfect way to hide your un-snipped hair. It is also a fashion trend you can rely on to add a casual touch to your style.

Multi-colored eye makeup

Wearing different colors on your eye is definitely something you want to try before the year ends. This has been a trending beauty statement this year, as people go all the way to experiment with colors. Just a reminder, do not forget to layer eyeshadow prior to ensure your shades come out as smooth as possible.


Thanks to Pinterest, this year has seen another trending beauty concept dubbed skinimalism. If you do not know what it means yet, skinimalism is all about accepting your natural complexion. In other words, it means wearing minimal makeup. Now it makes sense, doesn’t it? With the pandemic forcing most people to remain indoors, you will find it much easier to embrace natural daily makeup.

Fluttery mascara

Let go of the bare mascara you have been spotting all year. There is a new trend known as fluttery mascara. This mascara does everything for you without the need for eyeshadow. You will want to wiggle the mascara from root to tip as you fan your eyelashes gently to rock this beauty trend.

Color splash

Have you noticed more colorful hair trends this year? Yes, you can blame it on the fifty shades of red or the pink-hair boom during the quarantine period. However, there is no denying that a splash of colors is becoming a trending hairstyle. Try out different colors for fun before the year ends. You can also weigh hair salon color compared to box dye to see what works best for you.

Fun Accessories

No beauty trend does not go well with accessories. No matter how minimal you want to go, an accessory will always complete your look. Whether you are in for layering or just want a single touch, there is always something for you. You can also opt for a structured, polished design or go plain. Beauty is shaping up according to street pace, with brands leveraging techniques and strategies seen in street culture. Clearly, there is something for everyone. However, you should understand that not everything will work for you. Additionally, what works for someone may not work for you. Be it a layered necklace or minimal accessories; find what completes your looks!

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