How absolutely perfect is this necklace for summer? Anthropologie’s Dipped Sessile Necklace is one you will definitely want to add to your wardrobe! Best of all, this tutorial is so fast to make, with minimal “ingredients”. Have a bunch of collected shells? Use this technique on those if you don’t have coral pieces! I had a ton of coral and shells that I collected while on a trip to Florida. Now I know what I will be doing with most of them!

See how similar? No one will know you didn’t spend $48 on the real thing, and it’s good you won’t!

Make them in a collection of neon colors; neon is a total spring trend, so follow along and be right on point with this season’s fashion!
Let’s get started.

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are scissors, thin wire, chain, a jumping, neon nailpolish, and a piece of coral or shell (with a hole thru it). You might need a thin paintbrush to make a clean line if the nailpolish brush won’t.

Step 2: Wire the coral. Cut about a 5″ length of your wire and tightly wrap around your coral a few times. Twist the wire into a loop at the back and put a big glob of glue there to hold in place. Let dry.

Step 2: Paint the coral. Pick your color of nailpolish. Paint about half of the coral. You may need two coats to cover fully. Let dry!

Wear them all at once!

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