With all the colors of a rainbow, you simply can’t go wrong!

A simple slab of clay (you can grab a big pack here) starts out as pretty simple, but cut into a feather pattern, covered with glitter, and finished with crystals, plus shabby chic fabric – viola! You have a bohemian take on traditional Christmas tree ornaments. I love to take traditional pieces and re-invent them, and these are the perfect example.

I had a bunch of those plastic scrapbook gems (big pack here) lying around, and to be honest, always thought they looked a little cheesy. I love Swarovski, and these plastic pieces are a far cry, however, I think these are the perfect way to dress them up. They look super luxe in these DIY ornaments with the help of fine fairy dust glitter which creates a chrome-like surface. So, don’t be shy to use plastic gems because they can look just as good as glass! If you want, you can also embed beads in the clay. I’ve done that with rhinestone chatons, seed beads, rhinestone chain, and more. Play around!

Check out the tutorial for these beauties on my CraftPaperScissors page here! Happy crafting!

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