The first installment in my friendship bracelet-inspired tutorial section. This tutorial is a great, easy way to ease into the craft! These are addicting to make; they finish up quick, and you can mix and match colors to your heart’s content. This tutorial will also tell you two ways of finishing these bracelets; one with a magnetic clasp, the other with a simple bead and loop closure. 
Wear a stack of these bright beauties! Quick and easy to make! Plus, minimal “ingredients” required. 
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are seed beads (size 8 or larger, you can find a good mix of seed beads online here), Cotton Embroidery Floss, tape and scissors. Also, either a magnetic clasp or a large bead (mine was about 6mm) and two crimps are needed for closure.
Step 2: String on your beads. Cut a piece of floss about 1.5 times the length that you will need your bracelet to be. String on enough beads to go around your wrist (I used 20, but I have small wrists). Tie a knot at the very bottom of the floss, and tape the top down to a flat surface.
Now, cut two pieces of floss that are about 5 times the length of the thread you already cut. Find the center of these threads. Place it behind the center thread. Now you will knot a square knot. To do this, take your left-side string, bring around to the right, over the center string. Take your right-side string, bring this over to the left, over the left-side string, but behind the center string.
Now, take this same string and bring it up through that left-hand loop, over the left-hand string. Pull evenly on both strings to create the first knot (second pic.)
To make the second knot, take the right-hand string this time, bring it over center to the left. Take the left, bring it over the right string, yet behind the center.
Once it’s behind center, bring it forward through the right loop and over the right string. Pull evenly to secure knot.
Step 3: Repeat these steps, remembering to always alternate which string you move first; this will create a flat panel, instead of a spiral. If you accidentally move the wrong string, you will start to get a spiral pattern, which won’t work here!
Once you’ve got a couple of knots, push one bead up. Knot over this bead to secure. Knot once more.
Step 4: Keep adding your beads, until you are all used up. Knot a couple more knots at the end, the same amount that you knotted before adding your first bead. Once you’re all even, tie an overhand knot right after your last to end and secure. 
Now, you can use your crimps to attach a magnetic clasp; simply string a crimp onto both sides (for the side that ends with three strings, cut the two and string onto one strand; it’ll be too thick if you’ve got three strands, the crimp won’t fit). String on your clasp, bring the string back through the crimp, and crimp shut with pliers. Cut the excess string.
If you want a bead and loop closure, string a crimp onto the side with one strand. Bring the string through the bead’s loop or hole, bring the strand back through the crimp, and crimp shut. Cut off the excess. On the other side, simply make another overhand knot, leaving enough space from the first one to fit the bead snugly through. Cut off the excess. It should fit nicely, seen in the last pic!
Two made with bead and loop, one with magnetic closure!
Perfect for every BFF!
If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me. It is much appreciated!

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